The Riuns Press Kit
“Mix four veteran musicians from four established Washington-area rock bands and what do you get? 
In the case of The Ruins’ new album, you get a well-produced, highly listenable slice of roots-rock music that will have you tapping your toe or singing along at the top of your lungs, depending on your personal style..." "Maybe the best thing about The Ruins is their apparent chemistry – the cohesiveness of their arrangements and harmonies suggests they’ve been playing together a lot longer than they have." “Great rock is still being made… even in an era when the radio is mostly drum machine pop. Terrific original roots rock (whatever you may now call altcountry) from this Washington DC area band. These guys know their instruments and write terrific songs…”

“The Ruins are one of my favorite bands to come through Bangkok Blues. Not only are they a very professional group of guys, their first night was the second highest grossing night since taking over here.”

Darrell Taylor, Owner, Bangkok Blues, Falls Church, VA


If you would like to book the ruins or contact 
them for any other reason, please contact:
David Graziano,
(703) 623-2505,